Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hey! hisashiburi!

so it's been like forever since I've updated >.< gomen ne!

I've been pretty busy here, and also I didn't bring a computer so internet is kind of a rariety for me here.

also, it's not easy for me to upload pictures while I'm here. hopefully I can upload some when I get back to the states :D

I finished classes here in Japan. I feel like my Japanese improved a lot, especially being able to understand more.

I met a lot of fun people! I was one of the few Americans/native english speakers in my class, so oftentimes we spoke with each other in Japanese even out of the classroom.

I miss dancing! Here in the street a lot of times I feel like dancing because they blast music into the streets.

soon after I get back from Japan I will be starting school again. >.< I feel like I have forgotten how to write a paper!!!

also, sometimes I just say Japanese words even when I'm speaking English, like saying eki instead of station or jissho instead of dictionary. :P

I'll try to update again not too long from now! mata ne,



  1. OHAYO! Sasha-san!
    Oooh, HISASHIBURI!! matteta-yo! ^_^
    EKI&JISHO, nice! lol
    You seem to have been very busy...
    How about the Japanese stay?
    I want to write it more a lot... sorry I'm weak in English.
    (Can you understand my comment?)
    btw, When do you return to US?
    Please come to Japan again!
    DANSU ganbatte-ne! mata-ne!

  2. Ooh it's eem so great. I want to go too ! It's great that your busy since your in Japan ! Must be cool ~ ! It's good that your japanese improve too :D ! Must be really cool !
    Bye bye !